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This page explains the various ways to manage your child’s account settings.

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How can I find out my child's school's login details?

I am receiving an error message that the username or password or school code is incorrect when I try to link my child’s school account

Why is my child’s name appearing as ‘Name’?

My child’s name has been misspelled, how can I correct it?

My child is logging into their account but no data is showing on my parent dashboard

My child is seeing my name when they log in

Can I create a custom username and password for my child?

When I try to add my child to my family it says that my child is already part of another family

A child account can currently only be linked to one family account. If you are attempting to add your child’s school account to your family, but are receiving an error message noting ‘This child is in a different family. Please remove them from that family first’, this means that the account is currently linked to another family.

It may be that another member of your family has already created a family account. Check in with other family members to ensure that this hasn’t been created without your knowledge. You can remove a child from an existing family account by following the instructions here.

If you’re uncertain which account they might be linked to, you can have your child log into their account and view the listed family name. Follow these simple steps to check:

Click on the red button with your child’s name and a house

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