Family Math assessments guide

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How to use Math assessments

Assessments are similar to a test or quiz. They can be used to test your childrens’ understanding of a topic or to identify any gaps in their learning. When a child takes an assessment, they’ll be answering outside of Sumdog’s games, much like a paper test. The results are sent to you in real time and you can share or print these if you wish.

Assessments can be repeated for a child or family to see if they have shown an improvement.
With the assessment, you will be able to choose the questions and set a time limit for children to complete the assessment.

Children are able to start the assessment and then stop and come back to it (as long as it’s within the time limit you have set).

How to create an assessment

These instructions explain how to create an assessment for your family or individual children.


Click ‘Set Work’ at the top of your dashboard

How to view the results of an assessment

These instructions explain how to view the results from an assessment you have set.

Click ‘Set Work’

How to answer assessment questions as a child

Assessments should appear on children’s dashboards when they log in to Sumdog, however if it does not, they should follow the instructions below to answer assessment questions.

These instructions explain how a child can participate in an assessment you have set for them.

Click ‘Task’

Frequently asked questions about the math assessments

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Can I turn off the timer shown in the assessment?

My child accidentally exited the assessment mid-way through or was disconnected. Will they lose their progress?

Can I set more than one activity for my children?

What is the recommended number of questions to ask my children?

Can I choose which questions will be asked during the assessment?

My child can’t see the activity I created

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