Using Sumdog to identify and fill gaps

You can use your Sumdog subscription to identify gaps by setting low-stakes tests and using the results to focus your students on specific areas while they play games.


Identify gaps: Assess prior knowledge to inform planning and identify gaps by setting a Sumdog assessment

Fill the gaps: After viewing the results, set practice work in game format on the gaps identified

Check progress: Repeat the assessment to identify areas of strength and the next steps

Stage 1: Using assessments to identify gaps

Set a quick informal low-stakes test at the start of a topic to pinpoint gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding. Once your class have had a chance to practise gaps in games, reset the assessment.


Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to set assessments.


After you’ve set an assessment, check your results.


View results – instructions

Scheme of learning

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Stage 2: Set practice work in games

Now you’ve identified gaps, choose what skills each student practices when they play games.

Read our support guide on how to set a challenge


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