Sumdog Warm Up

This page will explain the Wam Up that will appear when children are logging into their account on a web browser.

When you first log into your Sumdog account using a web browser you will see a Sumdog Warm Up before you reach your dashboard. The Warm Up acts as a loading screen while the normal games are loading in the background.

The questions asked in the Warm Up will be quick-fire simple questions. You will earn coins for each question you answer correctly.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone with the Sumdog app you will not see the Warm Up as the games are already installed on the sumdog app.

Why is there a warm up before the I reach my dashboard page?

What questions will be asked in the Sumdog Warm Up?

How long will the Sumdog Warm Up last?

How will I be motivated during the Sumdog Warm Up?

Can I turn off the Sumdog Warm Up?

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