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What is a Sumdog friend?

If you like, you can add friends on Sumdog. Having somebody as a friend allows you to send and receive gifts from them through the Sumdog store and view their profile. You will also be able to compare high-scores in the games under Friends’ best.

Note: Remember, only add people you know as friends. You should also not give out your unique friend ID to people you do not know.

To view a friend’s Sumdog profile, go to the House

How do I add my friends?

If you like, you can add friends on Sumdog. This means that you’ll be able to play against them more easily when using Sumdog at home. Having friends on Sumdog also allows you to give and receive gifts – items bought from the Sumdog store using coins.

Note: Make sure you only accept friend requests from people you know. It is also important that you do not give out your friend ID to people you do not know.

To add a friend follow the steps below.

Log in to your Sumdog account

How to add friends on Sumdog

This video shows a walk-through of the steps described above.

Can I remove a friend?

If you notice a ‘friend’ on your list who you did not add, or if you would like to remove some friends from your list you will be able to remove them by following the steps below.

Log into your Sumdog account

How do I give a gift to my friend?

Once you have added a friend, you can send them a gift.

Log in to your Sumdog account

You can view gifts that your friends have sent you in the House. If a friend has sent you something, it will appear in your House as a present.

Be sure to check the House regularly for any gifts from your friends!

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