This page will explain the different games available on Sumdog. Our games cover a range of different styles and activities, so everyone will find something they enjoy.

Free games

We have 6 free games that can be enjoyed by all users.


Single-player game.

Use your siege cannon to destroy as many castles as you can!

Requires some aiming but not much precision, good for any age that likes big explosions and rescuing chickens.


Multiplayer game.

Feed the hungry people by assembling their perfect burgers as quickly as possible!

Requires a combination of speed and pattern-matching, good for all except younger kids.


Single-player game.

Practice your goal kicking skills — aim for the goal, but avoid hitting those practice dummies!

It’s easy to learn but hard to master, good for all except younger kids.

Junk Pile

Single-player game.

Stack junk carefully to build the tallest tower you can… without it collapsing!

Requires skilful positioning, good for all except younger kids.

Street Racer

Multiplayer game.

Answer questions correctly to boost your car around the city and beat the other racers!

A simple game that’s good for younger kids or those new to Sumdog

Screenshot of Sumdog game Trim Time

Trim Time

Multiplayer game.

You have lots of hair cuts to do! Follow the guidelines to trim hair in the way people request to get a point for your score.

A simple simulation game for all ages.

Premium games

You will need a subscription to access these premium games.

Teachers can click here for more details about our school subscription packages.

Parents can click here for more details about family subscriptions.


Multiplayer game.

Make the best animal you can for each category while sabotaging other players by sending them unhelpful animals!

A competitive game for more mature kids.

Basketball game screenshot


Multiplayer game.

Time to shoot some hoops! How many shots can you make from the 3 point line?

This game requires aim, good for all but younger kids.

Bubble Gum

Single-player game.

Place explosive bubblegum in just the right places to knock down the sweet structures.

A brain-twisting puzzle game, great for more mature kids.

Busy Bakers

Multiplayer game.

Pupils are tasked with re-creating cakes from an image they’re shown to the right of the screen. Each time they answer a question, they can choose from the items on the left and place them on their cake. The cake is on a rotating cake stand – if a pupil gets a question wrong, the cake stand speeds up!

Played with friends, the game helps promote cooperation whilst delivering delicious cakes!

Cake Monster

Single-player game.

Feed your monster with cake until it explodes!

A stacking game that’s great for younger kids.


Multiplayer game.

Dance in time with the stars and show off your awesome moves!

Great fun for kids of all ages.



Collect boosts to race through the city streets, but watch out for other traffic!

A more complex racing game for more mature kids.


Single-player game.

Farm all sorts of animals and crops, and reap your harvests to be an amazing farmer!

Good for all except very young kids. – appealing to those who like to develop strategies for scoring highly.

Flower Defenders

Multiplayer game.

The aim of the game is for pupils to collect toys in their baskets at the end of the garden in order to earn points. However, they’ll need to keep the angry mowers away from their flower patches by placing toys in their way!

Each question they get right, they get a new toy which they can choose to place either in their patch or in the way of a mower.


Single-player game.

Glide through the rings from building to building to score points!

Steering that glider isn’t easy, great for more mature kids.


Go Cart

Single-player game.

Race to collect your shopping before the other customers, but watch out for those slippery floors!

A more complex racing game, good for all except younger kids.

High Rise

Multiplayer game.

Boost up the skyscraper and beat the other climbers to the top!

A simple but competitive game, great for kids of any age.

junkfood game screenshot


Single-player game.

How high can you make the pile of junkfood before the game is over? Balance your hotdog carefully on the hamburger and you might just get a personal best!

A balancing game good for all ages


Single-player game.

Launch seed bombs to cover the city in flowers! Aim for the targets to get even more points!

An aiming game that is easy to play but hard to master, good for all ages.


Single-player game.

Perform crazy tricks for points, but don’t hold on too long or you’ll crash into the water!

A quick timing game suitable for all ages.

Llama Drama

Single-player game.

Feed the hungry llama by helping him catch vegetables from passing trucks, but make sure you avoid the tin cans and bumping into the cactus!

Good for all children as requires simple movements to catch the vegetables. There isn’t a timer against the questions so good for children that want to take their time to answer.

Match Tower

Single-player game.

Match groups of resources to combine them into floors for your tower and build it into the sky!

A pattern-matching puzzle game that’s good for all except younger kids.

Pier Walk

Multiplayer game.

Try to have the best costume when the time runs out by taking good clothes for yourself and giving silly ones to the other players!

Good for creative kids of most ages.

Plant Busters

Multiplayer game.

Claim tiles to build a path to the other side and win your freedom!

A simple but competitive game, good for all except younger kids.

Pocket Racer

Single-player game.

Collect gems by racing through grass and dodging puddles. You’re the driver of a pocket racer but that doesn’t stop you doing jumps to get bonuses!

Good for all children. There isn’t a timer against the questions so it’s especially good for children that want to take their time


Single-player game.

Race down the river, jumping over ramps and collecting gems!

Requires some skill to get the highest scores but can still be enjoyed by kids of any age.

Roller Coaster

Single-player game.

Tap in time to grab the gems as you fly down the roller coaster track!

A rhythm game that’s good for all except younger kids.

Shadow Maze

Single-player game.

Explore the maze to find the exit, but watch out for the invisible shadow monster!

Offers free movement and has a first-person perspective, great for more mature kids.

Stepping Stones

Multiplayer game.

Answer questions correctly to hop across the muddy field and win the race!

A simple game that’s good for younger kids.

Street Dash

Single-player game.

Run as far through the alleys as you can by collecting boosts and avoiding obstacles!

Requires weaving left and right at speed, good for all except younger kids.

Subway Conga

Single-player game.

Match pairs of masks as the commuters conga out of the subway!

Requires speed and keen eyes, good for all but younger kids.

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