How to move your students from your old school to your new school if you added them mistakenly

It’s important to link your account to your new school before you add students to your class, as adding students to the wrong school will provide access to student information for other teachers registered at the school.

These instructions explain how to move your students from your old school to your new school if you have added them mistakenly to your old school.

teacher dashboard with arrow to settings

Step 1

Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard.

school settings with arrow to manage students

Step 2

Click ‘MANAGE’ in the ‘Manage students’ box.

class roster page with arrow to class expander triangle

Step 3

Place all your students into the folder ‘Students no longer in my school’. You can remove the students by either dragging and dropping their accounts into the folder.


Click on ‘Select multiple students’ at the bottom of the class. Click on the blue arrow next to the class to show all students.
Once they are selected, click ‘Remove students’ in the bottom left corner – it will tell you how many students will be removed.

Note: It’s best to make a note of your students’ login details before taking this action.

Step 4

Once you have removed the students, you will need to remove your own teacher account from the incorrect school.

You can find instructions on how to remove your account here.

Step 5

Next, ensure you have joined the correct school.

Once this is complete, you can begin the process of adding students to your new school.

student joining school page

Step 6

When your students next login they will receive a message asking them to request to join a school.

They will need to key in the school code for the new school to request to join the school. You can find the school code here, at the bottom of the page next to login settings.

school settings with arrow to manage students

Step 7

Once your students have requested to join the school account, log into your teacher account, go to ‘Settings’ and then go to the ‘Manage students’ page.

class list with students waiting to join highlighted

Step 8

On the bottom left click on ‘xx students have requested to join’. Make sure you have clicked ‘Show Filters and Search’ to see this.

manage join request page with arrow to accept into the school

Step 9

Tick the names of the students who you wish to add into your class and tick the box ‘Accept into the school’.

select a class page with arrow to drop down list

Step 10

Select the class you would like to move the students to from the dropdown box.

If you have not yet set up your class, you can place them in a folder marked ‘Students Without Class’.

You can find out how to set up a class here.

Click ‘OK’.

manage join request page with arrow to save changes button

Step 11

You should now see the name of the class selected listed under the ‘Class heading’.

Click ‘Save Changes’ to add the students to the selected class.

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