How to remove students from your school account

If a student leaves your school you should remove them from your Sumdog school account. Doing this allows them to join their new school whilst keeping all of their existing progress and data. Once you remove a student from your school you will no longer have access to their account data.

Do not remove the student from your school if you only wish to remove them from your class. In this case, you should either move them to their new class or move them into the ‘Students without a class’ folder.

If you’ve accidentally removed a student from your school, you can add them back by dragging and dropping their account back into their class.

These instructions explain how to remove students from your school account.

Select ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard.

Students placed in the ‘Students no longer in my school’ folder will remain there for 6 months. After that their accounts will be deleted. We do this to allow the students to either move their accounts to their new school or have their parents create a family account and add their child to the family.

If you do not want to wait 6 months, we can delete the accounts for you. Please email if you would like us to do this.

Students accounts which are also linked to a family will not be deleted in this process.

Please note that once an account has been deleted we are not able to reactivate it.

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