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What is Clever?

Clever makes it easy to use technology in the classroom. Working with Clever allows us to connect with schools and gives the districts a central location to manage all of your learning resources.

We have partnered with Clever to offer both instant login and automatic rostering. To find out more about Clever click here.

Single Sign On (SSO) allows students to log straight into Sumdog simply by logging into their Clever portal. This reduces the amount of time spent getting students logged in and frees them from having to remember login details.

Automatic rostering connects Sumdog with your SIS, so that your class rosters are automatically set up in Sumdog and are always kept up to date, saving you from admin time. The classes and teacher will be synced based on the data shared with us by the school district through Clever.

On Sumdog we have three different options for you to sync your classes using Clever:

  1. Clever rostering and SSO
    Rostering and SSO will allow your school district to integrate the whole school through Clever. Teachers, students and classes which are shared with us by the school district through Clever will automatically be added to the Sumdog school account. The data on the school account will be updated nightly through the Clever sync. Students set up through this method will also be able to access Sumdog using their Clever SSO by logging into their Clever portal. This set up option is currently available as part of the Sumdog subscription package.
  2. Clever SSO only
    The Clever SSO means that the teachers and students will be able to log into their Sumdog accounts via the Clever portal using the SSO. The school’s class rosters will not be synced and updated through Clever, and the teachers will need to manage their own rosters and classes in Sumdog.
  3. Clever Library
    This option is only currently available to new teachers who don’t have a Sumdog account or school. This is because the Clever Library account would be independent of any existing Sumdog school account.

There are a couple of downsides to the Clever Library which it’s important for you to know:

1.You would only have access to the students who are listed under your account in Clever, and you wouldn’t be able to add or move students
2. Your account will no longer be part of your school on Sumdog
3. If your students have an existing account as part of the school they will lose all their past progress, avatars and coins earned
4. Once set up through the Clever Library the student’s accounts can’t be transferred or carried over to their new teacher. If a student has an existing account set up through the Clever Library we would need to delete the account before the new teacher can sync it to their class through the Clever Library


How can I get set up?

To get setup through the Clever rostering and SSO or Clever SSO only, your school district admin can send a request through Clever. Our team will then get in touch to advise on the process.

The Clever rostering and SSO set up option is currently available as part of the Sumdog subscription package.

You can also email your school’s relationship manager or email for more information.

If you would like to set up through the Clever Library and you know that no other teachers at your school are using Sumdog, you can register through your Clever portal.

Frequently asked questions

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