How to create and rearrange classes for your whole school

You can create new classes and rearrange existing classes at the same time by uploading a spreadsheet. These instructions can also be used to change students’ login details.

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How to prepare your spreadsheet for upload

It’s best to have your spreadsheet of student details ready prior to undertaking the upload. You can download your students’ data from your school’s information system, input it into a spreadsheet and delete the unwanted columns.

Do not include any headings in the spreadsheet as this can confuse the system. Ensure that the first row of the spreadsheet contains student data you want to upload.

It is important to ensure that the names in your spreadsheet match the names already in the system for any existing students, otherwise duplicate accounts will be created. For example: If a student’s existing account uses another spelling of their name, or includes a middle-name or different last name from that which you’re trying to upload, the system will take these as separate user accounts and create a new account for the student.

Basic Details: This example shows how a spreadsheet should look if only including the mandatory information for creating or modifying a class.

Column A: Student’s first name
Column B: Student’s last name
Column C: Student’s grade
Column D: Name of the class the student should be placed in

How to create and/or rearrange classes using a spreadsheet of student details

These instructions will explain how to create a new class or classes by uploading a spreadsheet of student details. These instructions can also be used to rearrange students in already existing classes or to modify your students’ login details.

The following instructions show how to upload the spreadsheet:

Click on ‘Settings’ at the top of the teacher dashboard

How to Upload Multiple Classes

This video shows a walkthrough of the steps above

Frequently encountered error messages and solutions

This page explains different types of errors you might encounter when uploading student data and what you can do to solve the issue.

Select the message below which resembles the error message you received to explore the details of how to resolve the issue:

This student needs a first name

This student needs a last name

This student needs a class

The grade/year must be one of these

You've used this username for more than one student. Usernames must be unique within your school

You've used this name for more than one student in the class

The username -username- is already used by -student name-, in -class-

Passwords need to be at least 2 characters long

Passwords can't be longer than 20 characters

Usernames need to be at least 2 characters long

Usernames can't be longer than 40 characters

First names can't be longer than 40 characters

Last names can't be longer than 40 characters

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