Hard Skills report guide

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Hard Skills explained

Hard skills are skills that a student finds difficult. Depending on the type of skill, a skill may be marked as a hard if the student has less than 80 percent accuracy or takes too long to answer.

When a skill is marked as a Hard Skill, Sumdog will temporarily put it aside and come back to it later. The Hard Skills report breaks down your students’ Hard Skills so you can identify areas where they may need intervention.

How to view the Hard Skills report

These instructions will explain how to access the Hard Skills report.

Sumdog teacher dashboard with arrow pointing to the hard skills report box

Click ‘Full report’ in the ‘Intervention’ box on your teacher dashboard.

How to interpret the Hard Skills report

The Hard Skills report is generated based on each student’s answers during games.

The Intervention box on your teacher dashboard shows a sample of students’ Hard Skills. If you enter the full Hard Skills report you’ll be able to see the full list of students with Hard Skills.

When you expand the report for an individual student, you’ll also see:

  • The number of Hard Skills the student has
  • A list of those Hard Skills
  • When the student last worked on each skill listed
  • Any other students who share the same Hard Skill

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