Contest results and leaderboard guide

This guide will explain how to view contest leaderboards and what scores mean. If you would like to enter a contest, click here for instructions

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How to view contest leaderboards

These instructions explain how to view contest leaderboards as a teacher.

teacher dashboard with arrow to contest tab

Step 1

Click ‘VIEW’ in the Contests box.

list of contest dates with arrow to leaderboard link

Step 2

Click ‘(number) classes’ under the Leaderboards heading.

You can then scroll down to view leaderboards for:

  • Top 10 classes
  • Top 10 students
  • Daily winners

If you want to view more classes or students on the leaderboard, click on the link under the top 10 list.

Sumdog free games continue to be available after the contests finish.

How to view a report for your class’ performance in a contest

These instructions explain how to view a report of your class’ performance in a contest. These are only available to classes of 5 or more students.

These reports will provide details on a students’ position within your overall class, and only count total correct answers. In the event of a tie between students, we order the leaderboard based on the accuracy and average speed of answers.

teacher dashboard with arrow to contest tab

Step 1

Click ‘VIEW’ in the Contests box.

contest results

Step 2

Click ‘Reports’ in the box next to the contest you would like to review.

If the contest is currently ongoing click on ‘Change’ under your entries instead. In the menu that comes up, select ‘Reports’ in the bottom left corner.

Step 3

Click ‘Report’ next to the class you would like to view. You will now be able to view the list of students that took part in the contest within that class, alongside:

  • Total number of questions answered
  • Number of correct answers
  • Average speed of answer
  • Position in the contest

Class score guide

Class scores are calculated as a class average. This is done to make the contest fair for both large and small classes, and not simply make it so the largest classes will always win.

The overall class leaderboard is calculated based on an overall class average measured across the contest period.

Daily winners are calculated based on the average score recorded by a class on any given day. At least 5 students would have needed to take part each day to qualify for the Daily winners leaderboard.

Individual score guide

The individual score for each student is calculated based on the correct answers given to questions posed. Each correct answer is equal to one point in the contest.

There is a question limit of 1,000 questions during the contest to ensure that it is fair. That means that once a student has answered 1,000 questions as part of a contest, any questions that follow will not count towards their score. The maximum individual score possible for a Sumdog Maths Contest is 1,000 if the student had answered all the questions correctly.

Daily winner guide

The daily winner class scores are calculated on a daily average for any given class. At least 5 students will need to take part on each day to qualify for the leaderboard.

The PDF certificate for daily winners will be awarded to a given class only once. That means that if your class was the winner already in a particular day in Sumdog Maths Contest, you will not receive a new certificate for winning again. Although we do celebrate your great work of course! This is so more classes have the chance to receive a daily winner prize during the contest.

If a class who has previously been crowned as daily winner achieves first place for a particular day, then the next highest class who have not yet received this accolade will be awarded the prize. This class will appear first on the leaderboard, although their daily score may actually only place them second or third for the day.

This allows more classes, and more students, to receive a daily winner prize during a contest.

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