How to enter a Sumdog contest

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These instructions explain how to enter your class(es) into a Sumdog Math contest. You can enter your class(es) into the contest at any point before, or during, the contest period. Any teacher can enter any class into a contest.

teacher dashboard with arrow to contest tab

Step 1

Click ‘VIEW’ in the Contests box.

list of contest entry dates with arrow to ENTER

Step 2

Click ‘Enter’ next to the contest you would like to enter.

list of classes entered into contest

Step 3

Under the heading ‘Enter’ tick the class/classes you would like to enter into the contest.

You can also enter the classes of other teachers into the contest. If a class is greyed out that most likely means the class does not have at least 5 students, the minimum required to enter

list of classes entered into contest with arrow to save

Step 4

Click on ‘Save’ to confirm the classes you wish to enter.

How to enter a Sumdog contest

This video shows a walk-through of the steps described above.

Click here to find out how to view the leaderboard and results from the contest.

Note: If you have not removed your old classes from Sumdog, or if you have classes with similar names, be sure and check you have entered the correct class into the contest. Sometimes we find that problems around which class has been entered can cause confusion when trying to participate in a contest. For example, if your current class is 4B, ensure that 4B 2020 is entered into the contest, and not 4B from a previous year.

If you aren’t sure which class is the correct class to enter, you can always enter both into the contest. There are no penalties for how many classes you enter, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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