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How to view math diagnostic results

These instructions explain how to view the math diagnostic results for individual students within a class.

From the individual student’s diagnostic result page you will be able to view their score and how they performed in the math diagnostic.

Sumdog teacher dashboard with arrow pointing to Reports

Step 1

Click ‘Reports’ at the top of the teacher dashboard.

Ensure you have selected your desired class and subject. You can change these using the drop down menus at the top left

Sumdog set work page

Step 2

Click ‘CHECK’ in the ‘Diagnostic results’ box

Sumdog diagnostic results page

Step 3

View the overview of diagnostic results for your selected class.

You can order your students by their diagnostic score or name by clicking on the table heading.

If a student has ‘In progress’ under the Diagnostic result, it means that they are still in the process of doing their math diagnostic

Sumdog example diagnostic question

Step 4

Click on a student’s score to see how they answered each question

How to interpret the math diagnostic results

The math diagnostic result will give you a snapshot of your students’ progress through the curriculum. For example, a result of Mid Year 4 means that your student has understood some of the skills in the Year 4 curriculum but is still working on others.

For schools in using the Scottish curriculum, the math diagnostic will appear for example as Mid First level. This means that the student has an understanding of the skills until mid first level.

You will also be able to see a stranded report which highlights areas of strength and weakness within the curriculum for each student.

How the math diagnostic results are used in Sumdog

The purpose of Sumdog’s math diagnostic tool is to place students at the right level based on their ability meaning we can personalize questions for each student. Once students have completed the diagnostic, they will be given a corresponding ability level and focus skill.

When they start playing the games the questions asked will be according to their focus skill. Each student will be able to progress through the skill plan according to their level.

What to do if you think the diagnostic test result is wrong for a student

If your student had rushed through questions or had help in the math diagnostic they might be placed in an incorrect level.

If you find that they were placed in either a too low and too high level you can reset the diagnostic test for them, here is how.

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