Three ways to use Sumdog for homework

Your students can log into Sumdog from any supported device, which makes it ideal for setting homework that they will be excited to do, and that you don’t have to mark!

We recommend students spend at least 30 minutes on Sumdog across a week. Read our research to find out why.

Set 30 minutes tasks

Ask your students to play 30 minutes of Sumdog in your weekly homework.

You can track their learning time on your dashboard.

With a subscription, you can also see how much time they have spent learning at home and in school.

  • No need to set up the learning – Sumdog does it for you
  • Learning automatically adapts to each student’s needs
  • Differentiated homework for every student – automatically!

Set a Challenge

Create some practice and choose the skills for your students to work on.

You can set skills you have been working on in class, or ones they need more practice on. You can even set different skills for each student!

  • Marked for you
  • Live results so you can keep track during the week
  • Answer as many questions as they like within that time

Set an Assessment

Create an assessment where you can change the questions.

The students will answer questions outside the game environment, but we will still reward them with extra coins to keep them motivated.

  • Marking is done for you
  • You can see which questions they got wrong
  • If students can’t access at home you can print the assessment for them

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