Using Sumdog for hybrid learning

You can use Sumdog for hybrid or fully remote learning by setting work for your children to complete while they are at home. Sumdog can be used to practice foundation skills, consolidate learning of new skills and assess children’s progress in what they have been taught in schools.

Consolidating and practicing learning at home

  • Choose skills that will match with what you have taught in school to help consolidate new knowledge.
  • Children answer as many questions as they can – you can set a target to motivate them to answer more.
  • View results of the set activity in real time to check accuracy of answers from your students.

Assessing the learning at home to help plan next steps

  • Create an assessment on Sumdog to assess your class’ understanding of new topics in a quiz format.
  • Choose which topics/skills you would like to include in the assessment which children will complete when they are learning at home.
  • View the results to see which questions your children answered correctly and re-visit any learning that your class found difficult when you next see them.
  • Repeat the assessment after a few weeks and see how your class have improved.

Motivating your class to engage with home learning

  • Create a competition for your class.
  • Allow your children to play either in teams or individually to reach the top spot on the leaderboard and win extra coins.
  • Set skills that the children need to practice or let Sumdog pick questions tailored to each child’s level so that everyone can compete equally.
  • Reward your students by gifting them extra coins.

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