Multiplication tables guide

This guide explains the multiplication tables feature on Sumdog which allows you to view your students’ progress and set tables challenges for your students.

If you would like to set a practice Multiplication tables check (aligned with the DfE Multiplication tables check given to Year 4 students in England), click here.

Select which option you would like to find out more about:

How to view your students' progress in Multiplication tables (for a class)

Option 1 – From the ‘Multiplication tables’ page (for a class)

Sumdog teacher dashboard with an arrow pointing to set work

Ensure you have the correct class selected and click ‘Set work’.

How to view your students progress in Multiplication tables (for individual students)

Option 2 – From your teacher dashboard (for individual students)

From your teacher dashboard, ensure you have the class of the student whose progress you want to check selected.

You can change the class you have selected using the drop down menu at the top left

How to work on tables as a student

When your students log into their Sumdog account (unless restricted to work on a task) the default activity will be Training.

These instructions explain how students can choose to work specifically on tables. They can choose from Times, Division, Subtraction or Addition tables.

Click ‘Tasks’

How to restrict your students so they can only work on tables

Click ‘Set work’

How to use Multiplication tables challenges

The Multiplication tables mode allows you to set a challenge to focus your students on multiplication tables of your choosing. During the challenge, your students will be presented with multiple choice tables questions while playing their favourite Sumdog games.

Multiplication tables challenges will help your students build fluency by focusing their practice on tables questions.

We’ve designed this to complement your existing tables teaching, and to give your students another way to work on their tables in an environment that they will find fun and engaging.

You can use challenges for:

  • Classroom warm-up
  • Rotations
  • Revision
  • Consolidating tables you have just taught
  • Homework
  • Fighting summer learning loss
  • And much more!

How to create a Multiplication tables challenge

These instructions explain how to set a multiplication tables challenge for your class or students

Sumdog teacher dashboard click set work

Click ‘Set work’

How to view Multiplication tables challenge results

These instructions explain how to view your class’ results for a Multiplication challenge you have set them.

Click ‘Set work’ and choose ‘Multiplication tables’

How to restrict your students so they can only work on Multiplication tables challenges

These instructions explain how to restrict your students to work on the Multiplication tables challenge you have created.

Click ‘Set work’

How to answer challenge questions as a student

Assessments should appear on students’ dashboards when they log in to Sumdog however if it does not, they should follow the instructions below to Answer assessment questions.

These instructions explain how a student can participate in an Assessment you have set for them.

Click ‘Task’

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