Personalized practice made simple

When setting any practice for your class, you can easily differentiate practice for groups or individuals. And it only takes a few clicks! Ideal for mixed-ability classrooms where students need to work on different topics.

You simply choose the students, and then choose the skills you would like them to practice. Choose topics, years, individual skills or multiple skills from different years or topics. Focus exactly on skills you’re working on, or go broader for general practice or revision for tests.

Target your standards in a few clicks

It’s an easier way to set targeted, differentiated practice, with no need for printed worksheets or marking. Now you can spend more time focusing on your interactions and relationships with your students.

Blend whole-class, individual, and small group work. Children can still choose their favorite games, so they stay motivated.

Maths games

From rotations to interventions

Our personalized practice tool fits with your existing teaching strategies, and it doesn’t need to be the whole class working on Sumdog at the same time. Because you can control what they work on, you can just give it to those that need it – such as those that are struggling to engage with other activities – or make it part of your carousels or rotations.

Some students needing a bit of catch-up? No problem! Why not create a Sumdog lunch club to give those children a bit of extra practice time. They’ll feel they’re being given extra playtime, and won’t feel stigmatised!

Available in every subject

Teachers can differentiate practice for free when setting multiplication tables practice, or with a subscription you can set practice on any topic with MathSpelling and Grammar.