Access thousands of questions

The Question Viewer showcases the vast quantity of questions available on Sumdog and also gives teachers endless possibilities of using these example questions in their lessons, saving time and cutting down on workload.

The Sumdog contains thousands of learning steps that we have individually grouped into blocks of related learning that we call skills, with each skill aligned to the standards.

The Question Viewer allows teachers to easily browse our curriculum standards and drill down into the learning content that makes up the skills children will complete when playing Sumdog.

Preview thousands of example questions Sumdog questions and use in your lessons

You can use the Question Viewer to:

  • project onto your smartboard and model different mathematical strategies
  • use as a mini check up in the start, middle and end of lessons
  • review questions as a class that have been set for home learning
  • go over questions that the children may have struggled with in Sumdog assessments
  • preview questions within any grade level, topic, or skill before assigning personalized practice

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