Sumdog Spelling curriculum

Our curriculum for Grades K-5 includes over 3,700 carefully chosen words divided into over 260 ‘skills’. These skills have been specifically designed to cover key sounds, rules and patterns, and to ensure that all high frequency and sight words for elementary school students are covered.

Our new curriculum has been designed and reviewed by literacy experts and experienced teachers to:

  1. give you and your students a clear, comprehensive and progressive spelling framework
  2. reduce the amount of time spent creating custom word lists to set work that matches your in-class teaching.


Spelling question style

The spelling questions are read aloud to the children. Each word is read alone, followed by the word being used in a sentence. This method provides context and understanding of how words should be used, and facilitates the learning of words and letter patterns.

Spelling downloads

Use our spelling scheme of learning and our words and skills document to check exactly which words are in each of our curriculum skills.

Common Core ELA Spelling scheme of learning

Common Core ELA Spelling Skills and Words

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