Build fluency in math skills through games-based learning

  • 25+ fun math games – 6 available free!
  • Questions mapped to standards
  • Essential math skills covered
  • NEW math diagnostic tool
  • Targeted times tables practice
  • Suitable for grades K-8
Sumdog Maths game screenshot of Pier Walk
Maths games

Math games proven to accelerate progress

Sumdog math provides free access to six great games that support progress in essential math skills. With a Sumdog subscription, you can unlock access to another 20+ games, as well as additional tools and more advanced reports. These will enable you to target specific skills, while getting deeper insights into your students’ progress.

New math diagnostic tool

The math diagnostic tool is available to all Sumdog users. It produces an easy-to-read, stranded report, aligned to your curriculum so you can quickly see each student’s strengths and areas for improvement. The tool then sets personalized questions for each student tailored to their needs, to develop their skills and keep them motivated.

How the diagnostic tool works

  1. Students take two sets of questions – the first 15 focus on numeracy & determine the level of the next 40 questions, that are drawn from a range of math topics.
  2. You see a report, broken down by strand, and an age-related placement level.
  3. Students are given a focus skill to work on and can begin to play the games. These start slightly below their level to consolidate existing knowledge and will increase in difficulty as they master certain math skills.
Screenshot of Sumdog times tables challenge

Make times tables practice fun!

Sumdog provides targeted practice for all key math skills, but we recognize that the ability to recall and understand multiplication facts is truly essential as children move up grade levels. Being proficient with their times tables helps students grow more confident in their abilities, and lays the foundation for grasping trickier math concepts later on.

Our times table practice tools are completely free to all schools including our Multiplication Tables Check, which is timed and designed for students who are fluent in their times tables.

“Sumdog provides a reasonably priced product with guaranteed results. Sumdog is a great program, it allows students to work on their level of ability while I monitor them as they work. I can create activities which are curriculum-based and I am able to generate reports to assess my student’s strengths and weaknesses. The students love the competitions among their classmates and have fun while they learn math facts. Sumdog provides a reasonably priced product with guaranteed results. And to top it all off…the support is great!”
D. Smith, Class Teacher, Hackett School District, AR, US

Play for free

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