Math Diagnostic Tool

Prioritize areas for growth and improvement this year with quick and accurate stranded results.

A simple diagnostic test that you can set in just a few clicks links students’  abilities to the relevant level measured against your key standards, providing the perfect foundation for them to develop their math skills.

Meet students where they're at

The diagnostic allows you to easily identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to prioritize skills that need addressing.

Easy-to-read, accurate reporting

We’ve worked with a large team of experienced teachers to give you an accurate assessment of each child against your standards. The color-coded format makes it easy to read.

Adapts to student's level

The diagnostic tool allows the questions posed to each child on Sumdog to be adapted to their level. This helps students remain engaged in their learning and stay motivated to improve.

“As a teacher, I appreciate the diagnostic tools, accuracy reports, and especially the ability to assign the same challenge to multiple groups that are working on different skills or at different levels. Sumdog's a winner!”
Ben Z, Grades 5/6 Teacher at Valleyview Centennial School, Canada

Quick and accurate stranded results

The math diagnostic tool gives you a snapshot of children’s learning in a stress-free environment.  It provides you with an easy-to-read, stranded report, aligned to your standards. You will easily be able to see if your students are on track for their grade level. It takes an average of just 30 minutes for students to complete the diagnostic.
We recommend completing the test in school and in one session.

Screenshot of the Sumdog diagnostic report for US

Four easy steps

  1. Take a screenshot of your previous diagnostic report for reference.
  2. Re-set the diagnostic with just a few clicks.
  3. Kids complete the test in under 30 minutes and earn coins to spend!
  4. View the report to help see if your students are on track.

Identify areas for growth and improvement

Different math topics require different skills. Your students might have a solid grasp on numbers, but may struggle with measurement or geometry.

That’s why results are now reported by strand, so you can quickly and accurately pinpoint each individual child’s strengths and areas for development.

Based on the results of the diagnostic, Sumdog then sets the questions for each child, ensuring students are answering personalized questions tailored to their ability. This helps keeps them motivated and ready to learn!

Use the Diagnostic Tool today to create your own class report