Engaging spelling practice

  • 30+ fun spelling learning games
  • Read aloud questions with real voices
  • Look, cover, spell questions
  • Over 14,000 words
  • Aligned to all key state standards
  • 100% of Fry and Dolch sight word lists
  • Grades K-8
Screenshot of read aloud Sumdog spelling

Read-aloud questions

The read-aloud questions are read by a real human voice not a robot, so every word is clear and high quality.

The word is read alone, followed by the word being used in a sentence. This method provides context and understanding of how words should be used, and facilitates learning of words and letter patterns.

Screenshot of Sumdog spelling results

Look, cover, spell question

We also intersperse ‘Look, Cover, Spell’ questions, which replicates the classic ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method. The word is shown on screen and then disappears as soon as the student begins to enter their answer, tapping into visual memory.

How it works - create quick personalized practice

  1. Let Sumdog choose words, or choose from thousands of words to create your own custom word lists for your class to practice. Search for individual words, or search by phonemes, graphemes, and spelling rules.
  2. Match them to your weekly word lists and set up practice in advance, for classwork or homework.
  3. We take care of the paperwork and grading, so you can focus on teaching.
“This program targets several objectives at one time. My ELD students are the ones that are benefiting from it the most - they are spelling, listening and writing all in one game. This is a great educational game.”
Noemi Escalante, Teacher, Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA


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