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Subscriptions offer personalized math & spelling practice and assessments for K-8, aligned to the Common Core and key state standards.

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  • 6 games
  • K-8 (Math)
  • Diagnostic tool
  • Assess, set work and view report for multiplication tables
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Math Subscription

  • 27 games
  • K-8 (Math)
  • Set math practice on all topics
  • Math assessments and reporting
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ELA Subscription

  • 27 games
  • K-6 (Spelling & Grammar)
  • Set spelling and grammar practice
  • Spelling assessments and reporting
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All Subjects

  • 27 games
  • K-8 (Math)
  • K-6 (Spelling and Grammar)
  • Set math, spelling and grammar practice
  • Assessments and reporting for all subjects


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Subscriptions unlock

Focused class and homework

Set focused class and homework to consolidate teaching and check understanding.

Individual activity tracking

Track how much time students are spending learning in class and at home.

Class activity and progress reports

Track activity and progress for students and classes – identify learning needs as they arise.


Gauge ability, identify gaps and save time with auto-graded assessments.

Additional subjects

Set Spelling and Grammar practice with just a few clicks.

More engagement

Set your own school competitions or reward students with coins and encouraging messages.

Looking for a class subscription? Prices start at $195 for 12 months.

An instant hit!

“After the first day of using the program, I knew it was an instant hit. The next day my students were eagerly asking, well, begging really, to use the program again.”
Sherri Oliver, Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA

A great educational game!

“This program targets several objectives at one time. My ELD students are the ones that are benefiting from it the most - they are spelling, listening and writing all in one game. This is a great educational game.”
Noemi Escalante, Teacher, Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA


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