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Subscription options:

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  • 6 games
  • K-8 (Math)
  • Diagnostic tool
  • Assess, set work and view report for multiplication tables
  • Set-up support & PD resources
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Math Subscription

  • K-8 (Math)
  • 30 games for math practice on all topics
  • Math assessments and reporting
  • Set-up support and PD resources
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Spelling & Grammar Subscription

  • K-6 (Spelling & Grammar)
  • 30 games for spelling and grammar practice
  • Spelling assessments and reporting
  • Set-up support & PD resources
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All Subjects

  • K-8 (Math)
  • K-6 (Spelling & Grammar)
  • 30 games for math, spelling & grammar practice
  • Assessments & reporting for all subjects
  • Set-up support & PD resources

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What are the benefits of a subscription?

Personalized Practice

Meet the needs of individual learners or groups of students by assigning practice on specific skills


Assess and Re-assess

View results in real-time and quickly identify gaps and misconceptions that will inform next steps

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Motivate and Engage

Have access to over 25 single and multiplayer games, with new games added regularly

Spelling and Grammar

Create custom word lists and have your students listen to real-voice read aloud questions

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An instant hit!

“After the first day of using the program, I knew it was an instant hit. The next day my students were eagerly asking, well, begging really, to use the program again.”
Sherri Oliver, Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA

A great educational game!

“This program targets several objectives at one time. My ELD students are the ones that are benefiting from it the most - they are spelling, listening and writing all in one game. This is a great educational game.”
Noemi Escalante, Teacher, Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA

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